Treatments according to LIGNE ST BARTH Experience the beauty of the Caribbean!

All facial care products from the Ligne St. Barth line consist of natural, hig-hest-quality ingredients. Their gentle and light consistency in combination with gentle fragrances from exotic fruits and flowers nurtures the skin and pampers the soul.
The products support and activate the skin’s own natural self-protective mecha-nisms while helping to restore tone and elasticity.

St. Barth Treatment I

  • Facial, neck and neckline treatment I
  • The high-quality care products with vitamins and  minerals clarify and stimulate the skin’s own activity.
  • This refreshing treatment nourishes and provides  the skin with extraordinary moisture.
  • Cleansing and peel
  • Facial, neck and neckline massage
  • End-of-treatment care
St. Barth Treatment I 60 minutes € 69.00

St. Barth Treatment II

  • Facial, neck and neckline treatment II
  • An intensively relaxing and reenergizing treatment.
  • The natural ingredients produce a refined, smooth and fresh skin complexion.
  • Clarifying and moisturizing
  • Cleansing, peel and deep-cleansing
  • Facial, neck and neckline massage
  • A mask and end-of-treatment skin care 
  • Eyebrow shaping

St. Barth Treatment II

85 minutes € 89.00

St.Barth – Softness

  • Pampering full-body peeling massage for silky,  soft and smooth skin.
  • The fruit enzymes from papaya gently remove  flakes of dead skin.
  • Valuable oils from the Caribbean bringing longlasting benefits to the skin. St. Barth Softness

St. Barth Softness

40 minutes € 61.00

St.Barth – Harmony

  • Pampering full-body massage involving three  different products with harmonized benefits.
  • Helps remove blockages and excess fluid from  the lymphatic system, improves elasticity of  connective tissue – smooths and tones.

St. Barth Harmony

60 minutes € 85.00

St. Barth Harmony

30 minutes € 55.00

St. Barth Caribbean

  •  A fruity papaya feeling with natural ingredients combined with a full-body relaxing massage and  a marvelously fragrant body lotion.
St. Barth Caribbean 80 minutes € 99.00

St. Barth Sensation

  • Exquisite body pack and relaxing massage.
  • Intensive moisturizing and reenergizing effects for  silky, satiny skin with a sensual fragrance.

St. Barth Sensation

75 minutes € 93.00

St. Barth Slimness

  • Soothing leg massage that relieves blockages.
  • Rapid relief and relaxation for heavy legs.
  • Removes blockages and excess fluid, tones tissue.
  • Concludes with a fragrant body lotion for a  soft-silky shimmer.

St. Barth Slimness

30 minutes € 43.00

St. Barth Dream

  •  Exotic beauty bath involving all the senses.
  •  Fragrant oils and lotions mixed with a mild, soothing bath gel for intensive skincare and long-lasting results.

1 person

20 minutes € 37.00

2 people

20 minutes € 47.00

St. Barth Relax Massage

  •  Soothing, nourishing and relaxing.
  • Allow St. Barth avocado oil or St. Barth coconut  oil to whisk you away to the Caribbean.
St. Barth Relax Massage 50 minutes € 69.00

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