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Experience individual beauty in the Sporthotel Ellmau in Tirol - with the pampering and care treatments by MARIA GALLAND PARIS. Different treatments for face and body tend precisely to your desires and the needs oft your skin - leaving behind a wonderful feeling of total relaxation, absolute perfect care and absolute well-being.

Classic facial treatment I

  • Classic Facial Treatment I lasting 55 min.
  • Cleansing, peel, facial massage or mask with end-of-treatment skincare.

Classic facial treatment I

55 minutes € 63.00

Classic facial treatment II

  • Classic Facial Treatment II lasting 85 min.
  • Cleansing, peel, deep-cleansing, ampoule of active ingredients, facial massage, mask.
  • Eyebrow shaping, daytime skincare.

Classic facial treatment II

85 minutes € 83.00

Facial treatment "de luxe"

  •  1 treatment "de Luxe" for 85 min.
  •  A valuable lifting treatment for skin already considering a facelift.
  •  Visible results are achieved in just a short time.
  • This treatment may be booked as part of a full therapy program or repeated successfully as an individual treatment.
  •  Fruit acid, collagen mask, ampoule, massage and luxury mask.

Facial Treatment "de Luxe"

85 minutes € 112.00

Masque Modelant

  • Masque Modelant treatment for 85 min.
  • Every face consists of many zones with different needs.
  • The mineral mask is like a catalyst – even during  treatment, the facial musculature relaxes palpably.
  • Lymphatic flow and blood circulation are activated, allowing the introduction of valuable substances.

Masque Modelant

85 minutes € 99.00

Masque Thalasso

  • Masque Thalasso treatment for 85 min.
  • “Thalasso” is Greek and means “the sea”.
  • A special algae mask revitalizes, repairs and refreshes the skin (cleansing, peel, ampoule of active ingredients, massages and algae mask).
  • Combats impure skin through lymphatic drainage.

Masque Thalasso

85 minutes € 89.00

Eye-Lift Modellage

  • Cools, tones and removes blockages.
  • An eye ampoule is applied and absorbed into the skin by means of a special mask.

1 treatment

25 minutes € 32.00

during treatment

  € 16.00

Limited Editions – the Highlights of Maria Galland

  • The Highlights from Maria Galland.
  • Whether autumn, winter, spring or summer. In our beauty department, you will constantly find seasonal highlights from the exclusive Maria Galland line.
  • Benefit from an individual consultation with one of our certified beauty experts!

Ear-Candle Treatment

  • 1x ear-candle treatment for 25 min.
  • Ancient Indian relaxation ritual for gentle cleansing  of the auditory canal as well as sinuses!
  • Gentle negative pressure (chimney effect) as well as  the vibrating airwaves in the ear candle caused  by the motion of the flame have the effect of a  gentle eardrum massage.
  • Together with a gentle lymph-stimulating massage,  nothing stands in the way of deep relaxation as well  as detoxification!

1x Ear-Candle Treatment

25 minutes € 35.00

Hand-Lift Modellage

  • Hand-Lift modellage lasting approx. 25 min.
  • Hands betray our age?! How wonderful, then, that  we have this wonderful naturally-toning treatment  from Maria Galland!

Hand-Lift Modellage

25 minutes € 32.00

Full-Body Peel

Full-body peel with sea salt and algae oil for approx. 20 min.
You are certain to be excited by the result: silky-soft, beautifully cared-for skin.

Full-Body Pee

20 minutes € 28.00

Wrap Program against Cellulite

  • Elastic bandages are soaked in a special aromatic essence tailored to your individual needs.
  • The legs, abdomen and bottom are pressure- wrapped.
  • A cold-hot effect is achieved through essential oils.
  • This leads to intensified calorie burning, detoxification and toning in desired areas.
  • Lymphatic drainage further intensifies the effects.

Aroma wrap with lymphatic drainage

75 minutes € 75.00
Aroma wrap without lymphatic drainage 45 minutes € 47.00
3 Aroma wraps with lymphatic drainage à 75 minutes € 197.00

Therapie Cocon

  • One Therapie Cocon treatment for 85 min.
  • A soothing anti-stress treatment with a harmonious  combination of active ingredients and moisturizer.
  • A special absorption system and a light foam mask  allow these highly effective substances to enter the skin.
  • The highlight of the treatment is a simultaneously  relaxing and stimulating massage ritual – pure   enjoyment!

Therapie Cocon

85 minutes € 94.00

Massage for Expecting Mothers

  • Mothers-to-be are always extremely excited about our specially padded surfaces that allow them to lie comfortably on their tummy again!!
  • Then, we treat them with soothing, easily absorbed  avocado oil from St. Barth.
Back massage ca. 25 minutes € 35.00
Full massage ca. 45 minutes € 54.00

Treatments for Men

  •  All facial treatments can also be customized for  men’s skin.

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