Skilfully, with much dexterity. It improves circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Loosening and relaxation of muscles take place. A balm for body and soul. 

  • Skillful, sensitive massage.
  •  Promotes blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Loosens and relaxes the musculature.


Partial massage 25 minutes € 35.00
Full massage 50 minutes € 59.00
Massage combo:
Foot-reflexology and back massage
50 minutes € 69.00

Facial massage

20 minutes € 35.00
Foot massage 20 minutes € 25.00
Pack combo:
Partial mud pack & back massage
55 minutes € 69.00
  • Brushing increases blood flow.
  • Dead skin is removed and pores are opened.
  • Allowing the aromatic oil to be better absorbed.


Brush- & aromatic oil massage 50 minutes € 59.00
  • The feet are a mirror of our body.
  • Each organ is linked to a zone that is treated with  fingertip pressure.
  • A beneficial treatment of the entire body through  the feet.
  • This treatment is outstanding in combination with  a classic massage.


Foot reflexology massage 25 minutes € 38.00
Foot reflexology massage 40 minutes € 48.00
  • A special technique involving gentle pumping   motions to remove lymphatic blockages.
  • Recommended for headaches, sniffles, swellings.


Lymphatic drainage 25 minutes € 38.00
Lymphatic drainage 40 minutes € 54.00
Lymphatic drainage 50 minutes € 64.00
  • Connective tissue massage is the most powerful form of reflex-zone therapy.
  • The massage grip produces stimulation in  subcutaneous tissue.
  • This directly affects the vegetative nervous system (organs).


Connective tissue massage 25 minutes € 43.00
  •  You are massaged with warm volcanic rocks.
  • These warm rocks are also laid on the body’s  energy points.
  • Treatment activates blood circulation and metabolism, while the musculature is relaxed.


Hot-Stone 75 minutes € 98.00
Hot-Stone back 25 minutes € 43.00
  • A blend of various intensive massage techniques  combined with cupping-glass massage.
  • Promotes blood flow, detoxifies and loosens   muscles.


Intensive back treatment 50 minutes € 69.00

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