Magic of the Orient

  •  A wonderful partner treatment, two people for  55 min incl. alcohol-free cocktail.
  •  This is a combination of a steam bath, soapy massage on a warm stone slab, a bath and final massage with Caribbean oils from St. Barth.
2 people 55 minutes € 155,00
  • The Pantai Luar body treatment leads you to new shores.
  • The massage is conducted by means of carefully created herbal stamps of lime, coconut and herbs.
  • Heated in finest oil, the stamp is drawn across the skin in intensive, muscle-loosening motions. 
  • Not only is this very pleasant, it also stimulates the skin’s own repair systems.
  • Damaged cells are removed, existing dormant  ones are activated and new skin cells produced. 
  • The fragrance of the oil is soothingly warm, exotic and very pleasant.
  • For these treatments, please reserve one day in advance.
Full-body 50 minutes € 86.00

Back and legs

25 minutes € 46.00
  • Relaxing massage for approx. 45 min.
  • An innovative, very effective stamp-oil massage that will relax and give a fresh appearance to your  face and neckline.
  • Simultaneously, you will be given a gentle peel.
  • The watery extracts of herbs in combination with valuable oils refine your complexion.
  • The result: a fresh, vibrant and radiant facial ex-
Pantai Herbal (Belle Visage) 45 minutes € 62.00

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