Baths in the Imperial Tub

Circulation-promoting, metabolism-stimulating relaxation and relaxation of the musculature.

  •  Exotic, relaxing beauty bath involving all the senses.
  • Fragrant oils and lotions, mixed with mild, soothing  bath gel transfer valuable minerals, vitamins and  trace elements into the skin.
  •  Bath in the Imperial Tub including fragrance journey.
1 person 20 minutes € 35.00
2 people 20 minutes € 42.00
  • Includes a glass of sparkling wine!
  •  Prior to the bath, a full-body peel in order to make  the skin more absorptive.
  •  Exotic oils and lotions, mixed with especially mild  bath gel, transfer valuable minerals and vitamins  into the skin.
  •  In conclusion, a lotion of your choosing will be   applied
1 person 55 minutes € 75.00
2 people 75 minutes € 135.00
  •  Harmonizing, balancing and mood-brightening.  Includes a glass of sparkling wine!
1 person 25 minutes € 37.00
2 people 25 minutes € 47.00
  •  A variety of oil- or health baths in the Imperial Tub. 
  • Soothes and relaxes with additives such as lime  petals, lavender and lemon balm.
1 person 25 minutes € 30.00
2 people 25 minutes € 37.00

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