Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda considers the skin as a mirror of the soul and causes a harmonious balance of body, mind and soul through treatment with heated oils, petals and gentle massages. Ancient Indian wisdom gives back a healthy, youth-like apperance. Deeply rested and relaxed, everyday life seems far away. The following Ayurvedic treatments at the Sporthotel Ellmau are ways towards inner balance.


  • Duration of Abhyanga massage: 85 min
  • An ayurvedic full-body massage with a warm, nutrient-rich sesame oil.
  • This special, harmonizing massage stimulates metabolism, removes toxins and makes your skin soft, silky and radiant.
  • Feel your body in its entirety once again.
  • The massage concludes with a brief warming session in the steam bath.
Abhayanga 85 minutes € 94.00
  • Duration of Shiro treatment: 25 min
  • A relaxing, unique, ayurvedic head, neck and  shoulder massage.
  • With this massage, you will easily relax and feel a  tangible sensation of lightness.

Shiro treatment

25 minutes € 39.00
  • Duration of Padabhyanga treatment: 25 min
  • Your feet are massaged with a special mustard oil.
  • Roughness, dryness, tiredness and numbness are alleviated.
  •  Strength and tone is returned to the feet.
  • Afterwards, you will feel like you are walking on  cloud nine.


25 minutes € 35.00
  •  Duration of Haatabhyanga treatment: 25 min
  • Ayurvedic hand- and forearm massage.
  • A gift for hands stressed from daily living.
  • The intensive massage loosens and mobilizes  joints, tendons and muscles.


25 minutes € 35.00
  •  Duration of Mukabhyanga treatment: 55 min
  • Ayurvedic head, face and neckline treatment.
  • After a brief cleansing, you will enjoy an intensively relaxing massage, allowing you to forget the outside world.
  • Treatment concludes with a clarifying herbal paste  and rosewater.


55 minutes € 64.00
  • Duration of Upanaha treatment: 25 min
  • An ayurvedic back massage with stronger pressure.
  • Very helpful for many back problems, alleviates pain.
  • The sesame oil facilitates removal of toxins and  metabolic waste, while the self-healing powers of  the body are activated.


25 minutes € 39.00

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