Magic of the Orient

A combination of steam bath, lather massage on the warm stone bench, whirlpool and final massage with oils of Caribbean from St. Barth.

1 person 60 minutes € 85,00
2 persons 90 minutes € 149,00

To new horizons. The massage is done with a carefully prepared herbal stamp from lime, coconut and spices. The heated stamp in the finest oil is carried on the skin in gentle motion. This is not only very pleasant but it activates the repair system of the skin. Damaged cells are broken down and new skin cells are produced. The fragrance of the oil is soothingly warm, exotic and very pleasant. Lightness and relaxation of the body accompanies you for days.

Full body 50 minutes € 86,00

Back and legs

25 minutes € 46,00

Pantai Herbal, an innovative, highly effective stamp massage which relaxes your face and décolleté in seconds and makes them appear refreshed. At the same time you will get a gentle peeling. The aqueous extracts of the herb in combination with the valuable oils refine your skin. Radiant face features full of freshness and vitality are the result for days.

Pantai Herbal / Belle Visage 45 minutes € 62,00

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