While the "Grasberge" Hartkaiser Brandstadl, Hohe Salve and Astberg are ideally inviting for comfortable family hiking the rugged rock of the Kaisergebirge demands all from mountain climbers and climbers.

Farmers and hunters, who have lived for generations in the area near the Wilder Kaiser, have come only to the level of the Alpine pastures. Because it was rumoured, ghosts and witches, and even the devil lived at the top of the rock. This fear of the people was reflected in the name of the summit of the "Kaiser" again. There is the Totenkirchl, the Teufelskanzel and the Teufelswurzgarten. People avoided the rocks such as these rocks avoided holy water.
That changed abruptly as nearly a century ago the climbers came and saw those names just as an Alpine challenge. Everyone wanted to conquer primarily the "Kaiser", Hermann Buhl, the hero of the Himalayas or Hans Dülfer after which many classical tours are named in the Wilder Kaiser.

What we offer for alpinists?

In Sporthotel Ellmau every action enthusiast will find the right thing:

  • Mountain-, Alpine and Sport climbing
  • Mountain- and group tours
  • Private tours, via ferrata
  • Ice climbing
  • Climbing courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • High tours, mountain guides, multi-day tours
  • Canyoning, Incentive and adventure
  • Team-Building
  • Flying Fox, adventuring
  • Climbing, high ropes
  • glacier safari
  • and many more


This air sport has a high fascination, and some pilots even speak of a risk of "addiction". Paragliding is the simplest way to see the world from a bird's eye view.
This is true for both trained pilots and for an accompanied passenger in a tandem umbrella, both enjoying the proximity to nature, without "brass and glass", to feel the wind in one's face, to be carried into the heights by the power of nature without a sound,  and that with a few steps starting at the gentle start slope.
In the village there are two excellent paragliding schools which you can also contact directly:

Canyoning in Ellmau

Discover pristine, glorious natural wonders at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser.
There’s something there for everyone, whether rookie, pro or adrenaline addict.

Rappel through thunderous waterfalls, jump from tall cliffs into the exhilaratingly cold water, slither down slippery natural slides.  Experience breathtaking, mysterious nature where adrenaline is never in short supply. Certified guides will show you how to slide, rappel and swim safely amid imposing natural terrain. All you’ll need to bring along is a swimsuit, sturdy outdoor shoes (that can also get wet) and a towel. Complete canyoning gear is supplied by the pros of Outdoor Hofer.

Canyoning Hofer Roman: