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Treatments according to LIGNE ST BARTH

With our exquisite elixirs and spa treatments, we take you into a world of Caribbean relaxation. Exotic oils and fragrances of the Caribbean tiara flower, fine lily or the essence of pure bourbon vanilla caress the soul and pamper the senses. The basis of the high-quality care line Ligne St. Barth is based on natural active ingredients from Caribbean plants whose healing and nourishing properties have been passed on for generations by the Indian natives of the Caribbean, the Arawaks. Enjoy our relaxing ceremony „Serenety Quanalao“.

Facial treatment „Classic"

Cleaning, peeling, eyebrow shaping, facial massage, mask and daily care.

Facial treatment60 min€ 64


Facial treatment "Exotic"

With freshly prepared special products!
Facial treatment with fresh fruit, whereby we offer you the highest possible level of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements (deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, massage, mask and a daily care).

Facial treatment „Exotic“

90 min€ 99


Facial treatment

A relaxing and refreshing treatment of face, neck, décolleté and hands for a clear, natural complexion (cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, massage with a special mixture of
avocado oil, aloe Vera gel, mango butter, cream, mask, hand massage and daily care).

Facial treatment

90 min€ 84


St. Barth - Softness

Relaxing body peeling with coconut oil and papaya. Peeling can be so much more! It provides a velvety soft and smooth skin. The fruit enzymes of papaya and a special sea sand to remove dead skin cells, coconut oil nourishes the skin effectively and treats you with valuable nutrients (including perfumed rice and Quanalao ritual).

St. Barth Softness

50 min€ 55


St. Barth - Harmony

Relaxing, pampering massage with different, matching products in effect. Supports the decongestion and drainage of the lymphatic system, improves the elasticity of the connective tissue. A smoothing and firming effect on the skin layers (including perfumed rice and Quanalao ritual).

St. Barth Harmony

50 min€ 57


St.Barth - Elasticity (including rest period)

Body pack with clay, ivy gel and menthol oil. Intensive body care to improve the skin with valuable minerals and vitamins. The tissue is activated and purged. The result is visibly smoother and tighter skin (including perfumed rice and Quanalao ritual).

St. Barth Elasticity

45 min€ 49


Karibikfeeling (Ligne St. Barth)

Body scrub with fresh papaya and coconut oil, followed by full body massage of ivy gel, menthol oil and body lotion.


80 min€ 92


St.Barth - Sensation

Luxurious body pack with relaxation massage. Intensive moisturizing body treatment that improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin by high lipid intake. After a pampering and magnificent fragrant massage, the skin becomes silky, shiny (including perfumed rice and Quanalao ritual).

St. Barth Sensation

80 min€ 89


St.Barth - Slimness

Soothing, decongesting leg massage. For fast relief of heavy, swollen legs. Decongestive, dehydrating effect and stimulates the lymphatic system. Strengthens the tissue and provides slim, smooth legs (including perfumed rice and Quanalao ritual).

St. Barth Slimless

50 min€ 54

The Beauty- & Wellness-Team of Sportotel Ellmau will be pleased to advise you!