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Experience individual beauty in the Sporthotel Ellmau in Tirol - with the pampering and care treatments by MARIA GALLAND PARIS. Different treatments for face and body tend precisely to your desires and the needs oft your skin - leaving behind a wonderful feeling of total relaxation, absolute perfect care and absolute well-being.

Facial treatment according to MARIA GALLAND

Classical facial treatment

Cleaning, peeling, eyebrow shaping, facial massage, mask and daily care.

Classic facial Treatment55 min€ 59,00


Classic facial treatment including Ampoule

Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, active agent ampoule, facial massage, mask and daily care.

Classic facial treatment including ampoule85 min€ 79,00


Facial treatment "de luxe"

The precious lifting treatment for the skin, which is already thinking about lifting. In a short time scoring results are visible. This treatment can be repeated any time as a cure or a single treatment. Fruit acid, collagen mask, ampoule, massage and luxury mask.

Facial treatment "de luxe"85 min€ 110,00


Masque Modelant

Each face consists of many different zones. All have individual needs and require support that is tailored exactly to the condition of the skin area. The mineral mask acts like a catalyst. The effectiveness of the special preparations used increases by a multiple. Even when modelling the soft mass, your facial muscles relax. On hardening, the mask is heats up independently, the skin temperature rises imperceptibly. Lymph and blood circulation are activated and enable a targeted introduction of valuable substances.

Masque Modelant 85 min€ 95


Masque Thalasso

"Thalasso is Greek and means" the sea ". A special seaweed mask revitalises, repairs and refreshes the skin (cleaning, peeling, ampoule, massage and seaweed mask).

Masque Thalasso85 min€ 87,00


Profi lift facial massage

The right fitness training for your facial muscles.

Profi lift facial massage25 min€ 31,00


Ampoule cure

Highly concentrated active ingredients are massaged intensively after facial cleansing in the form of a facial massage - used for cell activation and cell renewal, relax the facial features, and tighten the skin.

1 treatment25 min€ 31,00
3 treatments à 25 min€ 85,00


Dermatological facial treatment

A special facial treatment that addresses not only age, but the condition of your skin, and is ideal as a prophylaxis. The focus is on skin renewal, anti-aging, skin strengthening. Peelings play here the most important role in the skin renewal process. Perobens, paraffins and dyes are not used.

Dermatological facial treatment55 min€ 79,00


Profi lift facial treatment

Cleaning, light fruit acid peeling, specialised massage, active agent concentrate, mask and finish with ice crystals provide a tightening and relaxing "freshness kick". Massage techniques ensure that the highly efficient profi-lift substances are introduced deeply into the skin where they work against the three main causes of strength loss from scratch.

Profi lift facial treatment55 min€ 77,00


Eye lift modellage

Cooling, tightening and decongestive effects. An eye ampoule is introduced into the skin with the help of a special mask.

1 treatment30 min€ 31
during the treatment € 14


Body treatments according to MARIA GALLAND

Thalassic full body treatment

The dead skin cells of the body skin are gently removed by the sea salt peeling. Now, the skin is ready to receive a Thalassic sea mud pack. Depot fats and waste products are increasingly removed and the skin can bind the moisture better. Additionally, your skin will be treated to a tightening concentrate and a body cream.

Thalassic full body treatment85 min€ 89,00


Cleansing back treatment

Peeling, cleansing, lymphatic drainage, mask.

Cleansing back treatment55 min€ 59


Ear candling treatment

Ancient, Indian relaxation ritual for gentle cleaning of the ear canal and the sinuses! A slight pressure (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame produced by the vibrating waves of air in the ear candle act like a gentle eardrum massage. Together with a slightly lymphatic stimulating massage, a deep relaxation including detoxification does not stand in the way!

1 x Ear candling treatment

25 min€ 35
3 x Ear candling treatmentá 25 min€ 95


Hand lifting modellage

Hands betray our age?! All the better that there is a wonderfully caring and firming treatment by Maria Galland!

Hand lifting modellage25 min€ 32


Full body peeling

According to the Maria Galland method with sea salt and algae oil.

Full body peeling20 min€ 28


Wrapping programme against cellulite

Elastic bandages are soaked with a special aromatic essence that is tailored to your needs. Then the legs, stomach and bottom are wrapped with pressure. By the essential oils a cold-warm-effect arises - this leads to increased burning, purification and firming at the desired places. Through the lymph drainage, this effect is further accelerated.

Aromatherapy wrap with lymph drainage75 min€  69
Aromatherapy wrap without lymph drainage45 min€  47
3 Aromatherapy wrap with lymph drainageá 75 min€ 175


Therapie Cocon

A soothing anti-stress treatment with specially tailored substances and an extra dose of moisture. With the help of a transport system and a light foam mask, these highly active substances are introduced into the skin. The highlight of the treatment is a both relaxing and stimulating massage ritual - pure enjoyment!

Therapie Cocon85 min€ 91


The Beauty- & Wellness-Team of Sportotel Ellmau will be pleased to advise you!