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Classical massages

Skilfully, with much dexterity. It improves circulation and stimulates the metabolism. Loosening and relaxation of muscles take place. A balm for body and soul. 

Partial massage25 min€ 30
Full massage50 min€ 52
Massage combination50 min€ 59
Facial massage20 min€ 29
Foot massage20 min€ 19
Combi55 min€ 58

Special massages

Reflexology25 min€ 32

Connective tissue massage

25 min€ 37

Brush & aroma oil massage

50 min € 54
Manual lymphatic drainage25 min € 30
Manual lymphatic drainage50 min€ 58
Hot Stone Therapy75 min€ 91
Hot Stone Back Therapy25 min€ 39
Shiatsu treatment50 min€ 64
Head and Neck Shiatsu25 min€ 35
Acupuncture massage (APM)50 min€ 54