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Body wraps

Cleopatra pack

Freshly prepared milk-oil mixture. This application hydrates, balances, delicately moisturises. By the high proportion of nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals, the skin is supplied with the materials it needs. A silky, soft feeling accompanies you.

Bath30 min€ 32,00

Seaweed pack

Body pack, which has a very strong purifying and detoxifying effect. It stimulates the metabolism and helps reduce water retention and fat deposits.

Seaweed pack40 min€ 47,00

Natural mud pack

The special form of heat and valuable components make the classic mud pack an outstanding therapy for rheumatic complaints and muscular tensions. It affects the metabolism, enhances blood circulation, and loosens muscles and cramps. We recommend a pleasant massage before a mud pack.

Body part30 min€ 30,00
Full body40 min€ 47,00

Comfort Spa Men

Exclusive care for man with goats butter and aloe vera especially maintaining without fat film.

Comfort for men30 min€ 32

Comfort Spa Truffle or Gystal Body Gel

Body Gel for intensive body care for dry, mature skin.

Truffle or Grystal Packung30 min€ 39,00



Primrose Wrap

This bath helps reduce fat, activate cells, invigorate, moisturize, and counteracts the aging process. Highly recommended for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Primrose Wrap30min€ 34,00