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Baths in the imperial tub of Sporthotel Ellmau

Kaiser bath with rose petals

Harmonizing, balancing, raising the spirits - including 1 glass of champagne

1 person25 min€ 37,00
2 people25 min€ 47,00

Various oil and health baths

In the imperial tub caring and relaxing with additives such as lime blossom, lavender or eucalyptus.

1 person25 min€ 29,00
2 people25 min€ 36,00

Orange blossom bath

Orange blossom bath including 1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The sweet scent invigorates the soul, has a stabilizing effect, relaxing and very calming. Followed by a mic of high-quality oils applied slowly and intensely on the skin.

1 person 40 min€ 41,00
2 people50 min€ 61,00

St. Barth Dream (mit Duftreis)

Exotisches, entspannendes Schönheitsbad, das alle Sinne einbindet. Duftende Öle und Lotionen, gemischt mit mildem, pflegendem Badegel transportieren wertvolle Mineralien, Vitamine und Spurenelemente in die Haut (inkl. Duftreise).

1 Person20 min€ 35,00
2 Personen20 min€ 42,00



Luxury bath of Ligne St. Barth

Luxury bath of Ligne St. Barth including a glass of Prosecco. Before the bath enjoy a full sea sand body peel to make the skin more receptive. Exotic oils and lotions, mixed with a particularly mild bath gel, transporting valuable minerals, vitamins and trace elements to the skin. You will then receive a caringn light massage with a body lotion of your choice.

1 person55 min€ 59,00
2 persons75 min€ 85,00