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Oasis of Senses

In the oasis of senses can be enjoyed in a relaxed, harmonious atmosphere  various pampering treatments for body and soul. Place yourself in the issued trained hands of our masseuses and beauticians. Be spoiled from head to toe, the convenience of our relaxation center with indoor pool and sauna world for you - this is a holiday in Sporthotel Ellmau.

Massages, Ayurveda and hot stone therapy, lymphatic drainage and the a wide variety of beauty treatments are just a few of our extensive beauty offering.


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Winter prices 2018/19

Especially in a world that seems to be getting more and more stressful, it is becoming ever more important to find a way to escape. The art of enjoyment requires time, space and peace and quiet.

Our awareness and our willingness are necessary in order to allow this form of art into our lives. Enjoyment brings happiness, so let us open the gates to our own personal “happy place”. An important first step, but there’s even more we need to do: We have to be able to let go.


Download Winter prices 2018/19